Yes, babies can hear sounds and voices without the use of speakers. In fact, we encourage parents-to-be to indulge in the practice of exposing their babies to various sounds - whether it be singing out loud, playing ambient music, reading a book or any other kind of auditory stimulation. It's a great way to bond and share! However, there are times when it might not be convenient or appropriate to play music or read out loud, and in those times, BellyBuds are a great option! For example, a pregnant mom may want to play music to her baby while she’s at work or other times when playing music out loud is not possible - like later at night when Daddy is trying to sleep. Also, with the VoiceShare® mobile app, expecting moms can play the voices of family and friends who may not live nearby but still want to start bonding with the new baby. With VoiceShare others can record special messages, like reading and singing. These messages can then be played directly to the baby using BellyBuds.


July 2017