We highly recommend that you record using a headset while on Wi-Fi, if possible (since upload speeds are much slower than download speeds, a lengthy recording could take a while to upload and consume some of your cellular data.

In the “Talk” section, simply click the Talk or Story Maker card that interests you and press the Record button. Each Talk has a maximum recording time of 10 minutes. Press Stop when you’re finished.

In the “Sing” section, select a song you own and tap the Record button in the top right corner. The volume of the music can be adjusted using the slider, and the maximum recording time will match the length of that particular lullaby.

In the “Read” section, pick out a book and tap the Record button in the top right corner. When you’re ready, press Record at the bottom of the page, read loud and clear, and then press Stop when done. Each page has a maximum recording time of 1 minute. To re-do an individual page, press the swirl arrow icon.

When you’re satisfied with a page, press the Forward button to move ahead in the book. Repeat for each page. When you finish the entire book, the check mark icon should appear on the final page. If it doesn’t appear, swipe backward to review and record any pages you may have skipped.

You can preview any of your completed recordings by tapping the Play icon. To redo a recording, press the swirl arrow. When you’re satisfied with your recording, tap the check mark icon to enter a title and save your message. Once saved, it should appear in your Library.

Tips for a successful recording:

  1. Find a quiet room with plenty of space around you: Having more space helps minimize echo.
  2. Use a headset and experiment with microphone placement: Try to position the microphone slightly above your mouth so that bursts of air don’t go directly into the microphone.
  3. Stand and deliver: Standing while recording can provide better air support and ensure a strong, confident read.
  4. When recording a singalong: Preview the song before beginning your recording. Wear a headset. Use the slider to adjust the volume of the music and let your voice stand out.
  5. When recording a talk or story: Uploading a photo can help provide a visual for your listener.
  6. When recording a book: Review the page before reading aloud. Record each page independently. Make sure to record all required pages.
  7. Play it back: Review your recording before you send it to make sure that your recipient can hear you loud and clear.