[For iOS users, Please see important information below]

There are several ways to invite others to join you on VoiceShare:

1. Tap the Invite bubble on the home screen and you will land in your contacts.

2. Tap the "Connections" button in your profile, then tap the + icon to get to your contacts.

3. When either sharing a recording or requesting a performance from someone, you will always have the option to tap the + icon (instead of selecting a Connection) which will also take you to your contacts

Once in your contacts (assuming you confirmed the pop-up to allow VoiceShare to access your phone’s contacts), simply tap the + icon next to anyone you’d like to invite (email or SMS) and press Preview. A preview of the email/SMS invite will appear. You may edit the body of an email or text but DO NOT alter the email address/es (if sending via email) and DO NOT edit the link included in the invite. 

***At this time, all invitations must be sent to someone in your contacts list - there is no option to manually enter an email or phone number.***


iOS users: If your invitations don't seem to be going out, please check to see that your iOS email account is set up correctly, which is the icon that looks like this:


(Please visit this link for details: set up an email account on your iPhone or iPad)

Even if you usually use a different email app (such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc.), you must make sure Apple has that email and password set up in its own app for you to send out the invitation emails. For example, if you usually use the Gmail app, in order to send out an invite from, the Apple mail app must be configured with and the password for that email.