LoveBub Troubleshooting Tips:
"It doesn't turn on"
Solution 1: Press and hold any 2 buttons for a full 2 seconds, then try powering on again.

The most common issue with powering up the LoveBub concerns the unit's "lock" feature, which can be engaged by pressing and holding any 2 buttons for a full 2 seconds. Doing this will lock all the buttons so they won't function. The lock feature exists to give parents the means to lock certain settings in place so tiny hands can't accidentally change them. Pressing and holding any 2 buttons again for a full 2 seconds will unlock the unit.

Where this gets tricky is that the unit may also be locked in the "off" position - meaning when the unit is off, if you press and hold any 2 buttons for a full 2 seconds, there will be no way to power on the unit until 2 buttons are pressed and held again.

Occasionally, during the manufacturing process, a unit may be accidentally locked in the "off" position prior to shipping to a buyer.

Solution 2: The 2 AAA batteries may need to be changed. 

"I'm pressing a button but it doesn't do anything"
Solution 1: Your unit may be locked (see above), Press and hold any 2 buttons for a full 2 seconds, then try again

Solution 2:
That individual feature (e.g. white noise, lullabies or the light) might be in the "off" position. Press and hold that feature's button for a full 2 seconds to reactivate.

Individual features can be turned off so that users have the option to just play sound or just use the light.

"The volume is too low"

Solution: Tap the volume button to cycle to a higher volume.

The LoveBub was purposefully designed with a lower volume setting so that it cannot accidentally get too loud while being cuddled near tiny ears.

For other tips, please watch the LoveBub Demo Video